PolDecor is a natural wallcovering
beautiful material with innumerable advantages

PolDecor wallcovering is a blend of cotton and minerals for decorating walls and ceilings. You can use them in residential interiors, as well as offices, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, salons and everywhere where elegance and good taste is needed.

Thanks to extraordinary features and a broad variety of more than 240 patterns, usage of only natural ingredients and our reputations built over years our product is unrivaled.

Easy to use

You can easily trowel our wallcovering. No special skills nor experience for application required. So – save your money and decorate your house yourself!

Regulating humidity

Thanks to its elasticity, the PolDecor pulp contains ca. 1,5L water / m2. Therefore, walls and ceilings covered with the material accumulate a lot of water, which evaporates with time. The moisture does not separate the covering from the wall.

Acoustic insulation

Our material is highly elastic, which makes your walls sound-insulated. After its application the resonance in the room disappears.

Thermal insulation

When covered with PolDecor, your walls keep more warmth in the room. Due to an exceptional material structure our product temperature differences between the room and the wall are being reduced. Note – except the decorative design PolDecor gives you additional warmth.

Leveling walls

All kinds of imperfections – holes, cracks, are gone. Instead of plastering and dusting the whole apartment and lungs, you level them with PolDecor. Also, in case of little damages you correct them with a wet tissue.

Natural ingredients

PolDecor wallcovering consist of natural fibers, in particular cotton and minerals. They are glued with a natural substance made of plants. We use only fibers of highest quality, which match perfectly. Combined with water, the material blends smoothly and stick to the surface. Other ingredients are mostly minerals, most of all mika.